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Welcome to The Ohio State University Syllabus Search site.

You can use this web site to look up and view past, current and future class syllabuses. The following Help documentation is provided to aid you in the use of this application.

There are 2 main areas of The Ohio State University Syllabus Search site.

Filter and Search

Image of the Filters and Search buttons.

With the Filter and Search area, a student can use the dropdown lists to narrow down the list of Syllabuses they wish to view. At a minimum a student needs to choose a Campus, Term and Subject. Then the student can click the 'Search for Syllabus' button and a list of all Syllabuses that are available for active courses will be displayed. The 'Reset Filters' button will reset the filters back to their default values. A student can also narrow down the list of Syllabuses further by selecting a Course from the Course Number dropdown list.

Image of results in landscape form.

If a course is not being offered for a particular Term, then the text 'Not Offered' will be displayed under that Terms heading for the Course.

Each Course should have a base Syllabus. This would be the Syllabus that describes what the Course is about per the university requirements. A link to the base Syllabus will appear to the left of the respective Term header for each Course. It will be titled 'General Course Syllabus'. If a base Syllabus is missing for a Course then the link will be replaced by the following text that will appear below the Term header : General Course syllabus not found.

If an instructor has a revised Syllabus or a reading or equipment list that they have added, then those documents will appear under their respective Term/Course with the Section # and instructor name.

Image of results in portrait form.

The Layout radio buttons are used to switch between Portrait and Landscape views. In Portrait view, the list of Terms under each Course are stacked. On on top of the other. This would be the default layout for mobile devices like phones. The Landscape layout is the default option used by tablets and desktops. This option arranges the Terms side by side under their respective Courses.

Display Results and View

Image of results.

The Results area shows the resulting list of syllabuses found based on the filters used. If a syllabus has been found, then a link is dispalyed that allows the student to view the document. In addition to the base Syllabus that every Course should have, instructors can also add the following documents themselves.

  • Syllabus - This would be an addendum to the base Syllabus that the instructor has made.
  • EQUIP/SUPPLY_LIST - This would be a list of equipment the instructor wants the students to purchase for the Course. [Examples : Lab Coat, Goggles, Drafting pens, Paints, etc.]
  • READING_LIST - This would be a list of books, articles, periodicals that the instructor wants the student to read for the Course.

Disability Services can provide syllabuses in alternative formats for students with a documented need. Email slds@osu.edu or call 614-292-3307..